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SINO PHARMACEUTICAL EQUIPMENT DEVELOPMENT (LIAOYANG) CO., LTD.  (hereafter called SINOPED) is subordinate to SINOPED (CHINA) LIMITED, and is a manufacturer which integrates the science researching, the fabricating and the trading in one. Our corporation was originated from Liaoyang Pharmaceutical Machinery Plant which was the first state-owned pharmaceutical machinery plant in China, and was founded in 1947, and has been focusing on the developing & manufacturing of centrifugal/ separating machines.

We are professional on the manufacturing & trading of all kinds of pharmaceutical machinery, including the flat-type centrifuge with top/ bottom discharging, the disc-type separator, the tubular separator, the horizontal centrifuge, the mixer, the drier, the tablet press, the capsule filling machine, the blister packing machine, the cartonning machine, the filling machine, the clean room project and the grade 1/ grade 2 pressure vessel, etc., which are widely used in fields of the pharmaceutical, the petrol, the chemical, the food, the environment protecting and the national defense, etc. Besides our regular customers in China, including NORTHEAST PHARM, NCPC, CSPC, HPGC, TIANJIN PHARMACY, TITAN PHARMACEUTICAL, CNPC and SINOPEC, etc., our machines are also exported to more than 100 countries & regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, etc., and gain good reputation.

As a very energetic team with the employee’s age from 20 to 50, we cherish life, and we love to work. In SINOPED, everyone performs his function in the production department, the information department, the financial department, the sales department, and the operation department, etc. With the E-commerce platforms of Alibaba international station, Aliexpress, FACEBOOK, WHATSAPP, INSTAGRAM, LINKEDIN, and TWITTER, etc.





Phone: 13322335577

Tel: 0419-2145577


Add: No. 85 Main Channel Road, Tiexi Industrial Park, Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province

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